Interprofessional Journal of Health Sciences

formerly Bulletin of Health, Science and Technology (BHST)


ISSN (Print) 2672-9628

ISSN (Online) 2672-9423

Manuscripts will be considered for publication in the following types of papers: 
Original Article: The full paper describes original research in detail. Minimum length of manuscripts should be 6 pages (A4) including figures and tables.
Review Article: A review should be a short article written on the current topic of health, science, technology, bio-medical and socio-medical sciences. Minimum length of review articles should be 4 pages (A4) including figures and tables.
Short Report, Case Report, Note and Letter to Editor: The preliminary report describes important observations. Research results can be positive or negative results in limited area or scope of study. Maximum length of short report should not exceed 4 pages including figures, tables and abstract. Notes and Letters to Editor should not exceed 1 page and do not require an abstract.